Our Clients

  • Our aim is to partner with Australian’s that choose to take a proactive view regarding their financial goals and aspirations.
  • Hard working Australian’s that wish to secure their financial future in retirement and enjoy their well-deserved free time without any stress or worry.
  • Empty nesters that wish to take full advantage of their increased resources.
  • Young Australian’s that wish to setup their financial affairs and beat the pack.
  • FIFO workers that want stability and greater control of their finances.
  • Small business owners that seek to balance their personal finances and business affairs.

How do we help our clients?
We believe that all Australian’s should be entitled to the most rewarding retirement possible. We help our clients maximize their financial position and alleviate worries by providing an assessment of how much they will have to live on once they hang up their boots. We achieve this by carefully listening to your needs, concerns, use available resources to enhance any Centrelink benefits and maximize lifestyle in retirement.

With housing affordability at record lows younger Australians need to be financially smarter than their parents. At Investor logic we help younger Australian set goals that reflect their motivations and what specifically they’re trying to achieve! Such as owning their own home and financial independence early in life.

For younger Australian’s we aim to help them to establish themselves in life. We work closely with clients to set and achieve financial goals such as purchasing their first home, going on a holiday, ensuring that their family is protected in an unforseen event were to occur or just helping them to ensure that their financial affairs are setup now, so they don’t have to worry about it being an absolute mess in the future.

With more established higher earning families we help them to continue to grow their wealth portfolios. We help our client’s to maximize their income generating potential and fast track their financial success. We understand the importance of family and believe that every Australian should strive to leave a lasting legacy for their family and protect the wealth they have accumulated.

Our Services
·         Comprehensive Financial Planning
·         Retirement and Pre-retirement Planning
·         Financial Goal Setting
·         Budget Accountability & Monitoring (BAM!)
·         Personal Insurances (Life Insurance, Total & Permanent Disability Insurance, Trauma)
·         Income Protection Insurance
·         Superannuation Comparison Services
·         Self Managed Superannuation Fund (Setup & Administration)

What makes us different
Investor Logic is part of an Independent group of financial advisers licensed under Gold Financial. Gold Financial is owned by the advisers and not by a bank or another financial institution, so we can tailor our recommendations and use products that are best suited to our client’s needs.

Contact Details:
Phone: 08 9322 9322
Fax: 08 9322 3311
Office: 51/9 Delhi St, West Perth WA 6005
Postal Address: PO Box 8184 Subiaco East WA 6008

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